Surfing in Sri Lanka | Sri Lanka Round Tours


Sri Lanka is a one of the most famous surfing destination among the surfing lovers that caters to all experience levels. The country has different seasonal patterns on each side of the island. When one coast is choppy, the other is calm. The rains take turns hitting the coast from different directions, making Sri Lanka a year round surf option. Sri Lanka is an island of two halves, with the East and West of the island experiencing different monsoon seasons, with the west side of the island getting the best waves between November and April, and the east between May and October.  

There are waves for learning how to stand on a surf board and there are tubes over shallow waters with sea urchins that make the wave even more exciting – surfers know what that means. The best beginner surf beaches Sri Lanka offers are found towards the southern end of the island as the north is well protected from deep ocean swells from India. In the balmy south you will find waves to suit every taste on your Sri Lanka surf trip, from long point break walls, punchy beach break peaks and everything in between.

The main patches for surfing are the southwest, south and east coasts. The most famous areas are Unawatuna and Hikkaduwa in the southwest, Weligama in the south and Arugam Bay in the east. All areas have popular (i.e. crowded) as well as more hidden spots. The waves in Sri Lanka are not the giant kind like those in Hawaii or Western Australia, they are smaller and longer; one wave in Okanda (on the east coast) can be surfed for as long as 60 seconds if your legs can handle it. For the best day-to-day intel on where the good waves are, contact the team at Surf South Sri Lanka.