Bird Watching | Sri Lanka Round Tours


Sri Lanka is a small island with a very rich diversity of eco systems. There are more places located in Sri Lanka. As Sri Lanka lies off the southern tip of the Indian sub-continent it is favored by many species of migrant birds flying down using the Central Asian Indian Flyway to spend the colder months of the year.

Bird watching is becoming popular around the world and Sri Lanka can easily be promoted as one such destination.The best bird watching plces are Kumana National Park,Wilpaththuwa National Park,Sinharajaya Forest and etc.

Kumana is popular attraction and bird sanctuary because of its lake populated by large flocks of migratory waterfowls and other species of wading birds.

Wetland bird species found in the Wilpattu National Park include the Garganey, Pin tail, Whistling Teal, Spoonbill, White Ibis, Large White Egret, Cattle Egret and Purple Heron. Also, many species of Gulls, Terns, Owls, Kites and Eagles are also lives here.

Sinharaja, some of the flocks could have as many as 35-50 individual birds from dozens of different species.