Adam’s Peak is one of the rare places that people of four major religions in the world worship. The
mountain is situated in the Rathnapura district. Height of the mountain is 7,360 feet (2,243 meters).
Although this is only the second highest mountains, it rises alone majestically with a conical shape and
offers an unobstructed view over land and sea. It is said that the mountain was the landmark of the
ancient sea-faring Arabs, who came to Sri Lanka, to trade in gems, spices, ivory etc., and they, having
sighted the conical mountain miles off shore, prayed to God for having brought them safely to the

According to the Sri Lanka’s great chronicle, Mahawamsa, Buddha visited Sri Lanka three times. The last
time he traveled from Kelaniya to Sri Pada, and then to Digavaphi. It is said that Buddha left his foot
print on the rock at top of the mountain at the invitation of the Deity Saman (Saman Deviyo).