Matale is a major town and administrative capital of the Matale District of the Central Province, of Sri Lanka. It is situated 142 km (88 mi) from Colombo and 26 km (16 mi) from Kandy. Surrounding the Matale town is the Knuckles Mountain Range. Matale is mainly an agricultural area, where tea, rubber, vegetable and spice cultivation dominate.

The historic Matale Aluvihara Temple, on the north side of the town, was the location where the Pali Canon was first written down in full in text on ola (palm) leaves in 29 BC.It is known for the major battle in 1848, when the Matale Rebellion started and the British garrison in Fort Macdowall in Matale was placed under siege by the rebels led by Weera Puran Appu and Gongale Goda Banda who are considered national heroes in Sri Lanka.